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Cross Patch Girl with 'Scribble'

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Image of Cross Patch Girl with 'Scribble'
  • Image of Cross Patch Girl with 'Scribble'
  • Image of Cross Patch Girl with 'Scribble'
  • Image of Cross Patch Girl with 'Scribble'
  • Image of Cross Patch Girl with 'Scribble'

From a print I once made about 'cross' kokeshi dolls which had a monoprint scribble above their heads, this wood girl has taken her grumpy cloud to a new 3D level.
She is decorated with sashiko stitch inspired patterns and patches.
The grumpy ‘scribble’ is formed from blue jewellers wire, and can be bent easily, so please handle with care – you can do some careful reshaping after unpacking if required. You can also remove it if you prefer the doll without - she will just have a small hole visible on top of her head.
Approximately 14cm high (without grumpy cloud), 22cm high including grumpy cloud.

My pieces are painted in a naïve and simple style, with visible brush strokes and differing paint consistencies. It is important to note that these dolls are made from real wood which will have naturally occurring markings and grain, and sometimes there will be small amount of bleeding along the grain, which is to be expected when using untreated wood - please make sure you consult the pictures carefully before purchasing. She has been finished in a top coat of matt acrylic.

A note about 'Wood Girls'
My wooden girls are made from lime or linden wood and hand painted in the U.K. by me, a British artist, exploring patterns and scenes encountered by me on my travels and in daily life. They were inspired by the kokeshi dolls made in Japan, and with every purchase I include a leaflet explaining a little about the history of kokeshi in Japan and how they are made. I prefer to call mine 'wood girls' to distinguish them from the traditional folk craft of Japan.

Stamped underneath with ‘nakamura’ characters [中村] in red ink.
Approximately 14cm high.
Please note: THIS IS NOT A TOY and should be kept out of the reach of children.