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Ocean Fortune vending machine


A vending machine with a pattern inspired by maiwai fisherman's coats, which are worn to celebrate a great catch. The most common pattern is the 'tsuru-kame'/ crane & turtle - both symbols of long life. For fisherman, whose work involves great danger, the crane and turtle, set against a background of pine, bamboo and plum blossom represent a prayer for safety at sea and for a big catch of fish.

The machine features several pine, bamboo & plum designs (two on the exterior and one on the interior) and comes fully stocked with ten maiwai themed micro wood girls - tiny costumes featuring cranes, pine, bamboo and plum patterns.

Machine size: Approximately 30cm high/ 22cm wide/ 6cm deep.

PLEASE NOTE: Not for young children, as the small pieces could be swallowed. Should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from water.