nostalgia alley - original


  • Image of nostalgia alley - original
  • Image of nostalgia alley - original
  • Image of nostalgia alley - original

I am regularly inspired by the Instagram feeds that I follow – as I don’t live in Japan, it forms a source from which I can draw and paint, in addition to my own archive of images taken on trips there. This piece was drawn from a post from the feed of @combat08 (with his kind permission) who often catches a specifically Japanese scene, and not just the traditionally pretty kind. For me Japan is not just about the achingly beautiful traditional scenery or hyper modern neon cityscape. A wander about (sometimes just one street away from a main thoroughfare) will reveal many hidden alleyways and small arcades where the tiniest of businesses are surviving. Decaying signage, bicycles, buckets, brooms and plants often make an appearance. Not only a visual experience, these scenes surround you with the sounds of everyday life – distant voices, the calls of crows, clinking cutlery and glasses, electronic noises and music.
This alleyway in Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture contains several nostalgic looking drinking establishments, and at the corner, a karaoke bar.

My paintings are a mix of sketch, painting and illustration - a visual journal of my love for the city streets of Japan.

Original watercolour and ink illustration on Saunders Waterford archival watercolour paper.

Signed in pencil on the reverse, with 'nakamura' [中村] stamp in red pigment ink.

Paper & Image size: approximately 380 x 380 mm or 15 x 15 inches.

PLEASE NOTE: All original paintings are sent by insured courier to reduce the amount of time in transit.

Image of otsuka vending machine - original
otsuka vending machine - original
Image of hotel laundry cat - original
hotel laundry cat - original
Image of Tokyo Bike - original
Tokyo Bike - original
Image of Bicycle at the little bar - original
Bicycle at the little bar - original
Image of share cafe, tokyo - original
share cafe, tokyo - original
Image of sanyo foods, yanaka - original
sanyo foods, yanaka - original
Image of the menu board - original
the menu board - original
Image of Sparrows at Fujino Fruit & Vegetables - original
Sparrows at Fujino Fruit & Vegetables - original
Image of delivery entrance, Ikebukuro - original
delivery entrance, Ikebukuro - original
Image of 'Bear Crackers' - Print & Collage piece
'Bear Crackers' - Print & Collage piece
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