Octopus Jar


  • Image of Octopus Jar
  • Image of Octopus Jar
  • Image of Octopus Jar

As soon as I started carving my own stamps for printing, I wanted to make an octopus - and given their epic skills, it seemed fitting that my one wouldn't want to stay in his jar!

Hand printed work using a combination of original laser cut and hand carved stamps, using natural oil based black and blue pigment inks and extra details added in blue ink. Every print will be different due to the techniques used.

Printed on 150g oatmeal 100% recycled thin card (with natural flecks).

Paper size: A3 (297 x 420 mm or 11.7 x 16.5 inches).

Signed and dated in pencil and stamped with ‘nakamura’ characters [中村] in blue ink. Open edition.

Image of Daruma Jar
Daruma Jar
Image of Jar of Kokeshis
Jar of Kokeshis
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