Grumpy teru teru bozu (porcelain)


A ceramic version of a traditional Japanese charm doll called a ‘teru teru bozu’ (照る照る坊主), in readiness for the summer. Usually made of tissue paper or cloth, these dolls are hung in a window to prevent rain. The term ‘teru teru’ means ‘shine’, as in the sunshine, and ‘bozu’ comes from a word meaning Buddhist monk – the belief is that a priest might have the powers to prevent a rainy day. June is marked by the rainy season in Japan, and sometimes charms are used in the hope of warding off rain before a special event such as a festival.

Porcelain charm, with elastic hanger. Unsigned.
Approximately 6cm high.
Please note: THIS IS NOT A TOY and should be kept out of the reach of children.