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Vending Machine Pendant

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Image of Vending Machine Pendant
  • Image of Vending Machine Pendant

A little vending machine to wear around your neck - who doesn't want their own mini version?

Carved porcelain, decorated with cobalt oxide and finished in a clear lead free glaze. Comes on a waxed cord and organza necklace which can be easily changed.

A long held dream of mine as a collector of ceramics was to make my own, and the journey so far has been a lesson in patience. Starting with pottery classes in 2017, I have been working towards being able to make ceramic pieces at home, and set up a small studio in my wooden garage in the autumn of 2018. I would like to offer occasional pieces for sale while I build up my skills, and hope to gradually increase the number as I progress.

As with most of the things I make, my ceramic offerings retain the look of being handmade and this is a part of their charm. Please make sure you consult the pictures carefully and that you are happy with the piece before purchasing.

Approximately 2.5cm high/2cm wide/ 1cm deep.