yokai girl - bake nami


  • Image of yokai girl - bake nami
  • Image of yokai girl - bake nami
  • Image of yokai girl - bake nami
  • Image of yokai girl - bake nami
  • Image of yokai girl - bake nami

Artist's notes on style, materials and inspiration:

You know when you are swimming in the sea and a wave catches you unawares, going up your nose and making you choke and splutter?

This is a possible culprit, a minor wave yōkai I called a 'bake-nami' / 化け波 - he can also capsize small boats and soak your rolled up trousers when paddling in the surf.

I have begun to introduce some different shapes to my wood girl collections, this one being a larger, chunkier piece that gives a much greater painting surface than my other girls, allowing for more ambitious body patterns.

Turned from American Tulipwood, a sustainable and interestingly grained timber, my pieces are turned on a lathe by a production wood turner in the UK to my designs, then painted by me, a British artist. She has been added to, hand painted and finished in a semi-matt acrylic protective top coat.

This tall girl is approximately 22cm in height.

My pieces are painted in a naïve and simple style, with visible brush strokes and differing paint consistencies. It is important to note that these dolls are made from real wood which will have naturally occurring markings and grain, and sometimes there will be small amount of bleeding along the grain, or knots, which is to be expected when using untreated wood - please make sure you consult the pictures carefully before purchasing.

My wood girls are made in the 'spirit of kokeshi', being originally inspired by the 'creative' kokeshi branch of the traditional Japanese folk craft of wooden limbless dolls which are turned on a lathe and hand painted. Dentō kokeshi are the traditional kokeshi, deeply rooted to their places of manufacture (often onsen towns) within Japan and made with very specific body shapes and pattern designs, often by generations of a same family. Dentō kokeshi can today be classified under eleven different types: Naruko, Tsuchiyu, Togatta, Yajiro, Sakunami, Yamagata, Kijiyama, Nanbu, Tsugaru, Zao-takayu, and Hijiori. By contrast, 'creative' or sosaku kokeshi are not associated with any particular region or style and often made by artists unconnected to craft families, and apart from the fact that they are still turned on a lathe, their styles and decoration are pretty much limitless.

PLEASE NOTE: Wood girls should be kept away from water which can damage the wood and painted surface, and also away from direct heat/ sunlight which also can affect the surface colour and the timber itself.

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