favourite things #90 chochin obake (torn lantern ghost)


Artist's notes on style, materials and inspiration:

This special hanging version of a favourite thing, based on a stylised chōchin lantern shape, has been turned into a yōkai version of itself!

A chōchin obake is a ghostly creature, formed after an old paper lantern develops a rip. These are frightening creatures almost solely found in yōkai illustrations rather than in legend - the tear in the paper can turn into a mouth from which a large tongue protrudes and they commonly have two eyes rather than one like the torn umbrella yōkai. As the lanterns when lit in the dark appear to be floating, you can see how easily this might translate into ghostly form.

The lantern girl version comes complete with a large brass hanging fitting - so she can be hung up if desired.
My 'favourite things' wood girl series share the places and things I love, a favourite motif, object or theme, or are inspired by a microseason. Turned from American Tulipwood, a sustainable and interestingly grained timber, the pieces are turned by a production wood turner in the UK to my designs, then added to and painted by me, a British artist. They are finished in a clear matt acrylic protective top coat.

Favourite Things girls are numbered on the base, this one is #90.

This hanging piece is approximately 26cm in height (with hanging ring at full extension).

My pieces are painted in a naïve and simple style, with visible brush strokes and differing paint consistencies. It is important to note that these dolls are made from real wood which will have naturally occurring markings and grain, and sometimes there will be small amount of bleeding along the grain, or knots, which is to be expected when using untreated wood - please make sure you consult the pictures carefully before purchasing.

PLEASE NOTE: Wood girls should be kept away from water which can damage the wood and painted surface, and also away from direct heat/ sunlight which also can affect the surface colour and the timber itself.

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