grumpies for good 2024: grumpy watermelon


This grumpy girl wants to do something. Would you like to do something too?

My wood girls like to give back when they can every now and then, either as a group or as individual pieces; 100% of their purchase price (not just a percentage of profit) goes to a charity of my choosing. They are most often the grumpy pieces, as they are mad at the state of the world, but sometimes others also join the party.

The first ten girls in this collection raised money for a UK based initiative that helps forcibly displaced people in Scotland. The remaining four will donate 100% of their purchase price to Watermelon Relief: Aid for Displaced Familes in Gaza.

It remains important that even if you do nothing else, you read and educate yourself on the history of the region, look outside of mainstream media for factual news reporting and express open solidarity with the Palestinian people - do not stay silent.

When you purchase one of these girls, I will donate 100% of the purchase price (including the payment processing fees lost to Stripe or Paypal) to the GoFundMe for this initiative and you get to keep a grumpy girl to express your solidarity. UK shipping is free (so I'm covering it). US shipping is £14 flat rate, France is £9.95 flat rate.

The total height including cloud is about 19cm. The 'grumpy cloud' wire is quite soft and can be gently and carefully reshaped a little if squashed during transit.

My pieces are painted in a naïve and simple style, with visible brush strokes and differing paint consistencies. It is important to note that these dolls are made from real wood which will have naturally occurring markings and grain, and sometimes there will be small amount of bleeding along the grain, which is to be expected when using untreated wood - please make sure you consult the pictures carefully before purchasing. Finished in a top coat of matt acrylic.

Stamped underneath with a small grumpy bear logo in blue ink.
Please note: THIS IS NOT A TOY and should be kept out of the reach of children.

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