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New Year Postcard Set


Image of New Year Postcard Set
  • Image of New Year Postcard Set
  • Image of New Year Postcard Set
  • Image of New Year Postcard Set
  • Image of New Year Postcard Set

It is customary to send New Year greetings in Japan, and I am very fond of many of the new year motifs, so I wanted to make a special postcard set featuring some of the decorations. Each print has many different components and is pieced together very carefully from hand carved stamps. These would make a nice gift for a friend or to send individually as a special new year greeting.
Please note: there will be very limited numbers of these sets.

New Year Postcard Set/ 新年のはがきセット
Inspired by the colourful motifs and customs surrounding the beginning of a new year in Japan...

亥年/ Year of the Pig
2019 will be the zodiac year of the pig, often depicted as a boar in illustrations and decorations in Japan. As I live in England where the robins are very active during winter, I thought I would team the two...

水引ダルマ/ Mizuhiki Daruma
Mizuhiki are decorative knots used for a variety of purposes, and often seen on new year decorations - this little daruma is enjoying balancing one such knot on his head!

鏡餅こけし/ Kagami Mochi (mirror rice cake) Kokeshi
A mochi decoration placed to welcome the deity of the new year (toshigami) in strategic sites around the home, made from several mochi cakes stacked with a citrus fruit on top. This little kokeshi is enjoying dressing up as one!

門松/ 'Gate Pine'
A new year decoration often placed in pairs outside of the entrances to homes and businesses - thought to temporarily house the kami or spirits of the new year. Three bamboo pieces are set at differing heights representing heaven, humanity and earth, and surrounded with foliage from the 'three friends of winter' - pine (symbolising longevity), bamboo (prosperity) and plum blossom (resilience).

These are micro prints - four different designs individually hand printed piece by piece from carved rubber blocks using oil based Japanese pigment ink onto white Maruman gasenshi echizen 235g postcard blanks.

Stamped underneath image with ‘nakamura’ characters [中村] in red ink.

Paper size: 100 x 148mm